Tuesday, December 22, 2009

gingerbread house completed

this is the completed gingerbread house. Everything on it is edible. It took me about 48 hours of total work to complete and it was donated to the flint food bank in honor of my customers aunt. It was amazing and a great joy and priviledge to do.

Gingerbread construction

This is the start of the gingerbread house. It started as a wood frame nailed onto a board.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cupcake cake, flower cake and small square leaf cakes

All these cakes were for my niece wedding. The cupcakes were for the ring bearers, the flowers were for the junior bridesmaids and the leaf cakes were for the bridesmaids and the groommen. There were 2 cupcakes, 2 flowers and 10 leaf cakes. The leaf cakes were 4x4 and there were different colors. They are looked great on the head table.

pink/purple birthday cake and rainbow fish birthday cake

the pink/purple cake was for a girls birthday.
The rainbow fish cake was for a first birthday. It was the first cake I actually carved into a shape. It was the most fun cake i have done so far. It was very cute. I added silver edible glitter and it really made the difference

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

primary colors birthday cake

This was for a six year old boys birthday. very cute cake and that is a cupcake on the top.

pink birthday cake and 50th anniversary replica cake

The pink cake was a 3 year old birthday cake. The other cake was for a 50th annivesary and I replicated there wedding cake from the picture the customer gave me. It was beautiful.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Brown and pink birthday cake, batman cake, Doctor cake and doctor cookies

I was a birthday week with 3 different types of birthdays. All very cute. If you have questions about any of my desserts you can contact me at deshaysdesserts@gmail.com or call sharon at

Purple Birthday cake, Tiffany cake, and Picnic reunion cake

These 2 purple cakes were for birthdays. The Tiffany cake is the same as one I made earlier with a necklace in the corner. and the last cake is a reunion cake that I painted the red squares.

Bridal shower cakes

These were three individual 9 inch round cakes with 3 different flavors. There are also suckers around the cakes that I made.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beach theme birthday cake and lime green and pink birthday cake

The coloring on my camera was off for the birthday cake, but it was very cute.

6th birthday cake with crown, pink, lime green, and teal

Very cute birthday cake for a princess!!

Bridal shower cake with beach theme

This was for a beach themed bridal shower. Beach themed cake are a regular for me to make. The sand is graham crackers.

4th of july and daisy birthday cakes

The daisy cake is for a birthday and the other two were for the 4th of July.

Baby shower and Bridal shower cakes (Lighthouse)

The lighthouse cake was for a bridal shower. The lighthouse and the shells are solid white chocolate.
The other is a baby shower cake and the lttle decoration are white chocolate.

Graduation cake, Syracuse, Goodrich Martians

This was a big cake for a graduate of Goodrich going to Syracuse.

Goodrich Martians graduation cake

This was a beautiful graduation cake.

Graduation cake, pink, lime green, and teal

This was a big cake using a3 great colors together. I loved this cake, I thought it was my best cake so far.