Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Cakes

These are two of my latest cakes that I made. The one of the left was my first cake to be purchased. I loved this cake. It was very simple, but very cute. It is a 2 layer heart shaped, chocolate cake, filled and covered with buttercream frosting and then covered with pink fondant. Then it has pink and red hearts on it with the names on gum paste. It just turned out very cute, I thought.
The other Valentine's cake was made for my daughters class, so it was kind of big. It had to serve 35 kids. It was a 9 x 13 base cake and a single layer heart shaped cake on the top. My 10 year old daughter was the one that came up with the design and the colors. She did a good job. The bottom is covered in red fondant although it looks pink and the heart is covered in pink. We accented with pink, red, white, and blue. It was very cute and the teacher and the class mates loved to.
I am trying to venture out into harder designs now that I have been working with cakes and fondant. I have some upcoming cakes that are going to be very cute. I can't wait to make them. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures so far, I have more to put on soon.

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